Symptoms of a Leaky Exhaust System

Exhaust systems don't last forever because they're constantly exposed to water and corrosive agents like road salt. There are a number of signs that your exhaust system may have developed leaks.

The most common sign of a leaky exhaust system is engine noise. When exhaust pipes and mufflers corrode to the point of developing holes, you'll begin to hear the full roar of your engine. A less obvious sign of exhaust system trouble is a loss of gas mileage. When the engine loses back pressure from an exhaust leak, its performance will suffer. Any strange noises like high-pitched hissing, pops, and whistles that come from the tail pipe also can be a sign that the exhaust system should be inspected.

Here at Glenn Ford Lincoln, our trained automotive technicians can repair any exhaust system problems your vehicle may have. Bring it to our service center in Nicholasville for an inspection today.

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