Check Out the Features of the 2018 Ford Expedition

Unless you have checked out the new 2018 Ford Expedition, don’t think about settling for a new GMC Yukon. Ford is proud of its newly re-engineered Expedition that can run rings around anything on the road.

Wouldn't it be nice to get together with your friends for a little R&R out on the lake? You could do that and more in style. The third row of seats on most SUVs is hard to get into, but not in this new Expedition. You see, the second row has a smart tip and glide system that lets you move the seats out of the way for easy access. Everyone in this vehicle will have plenty of space for comfort.

Add to that the Cruise Control Assist and Stop-And-Go feature and there is no reason all your trips cannot be filled with good memories. In Nicholasville, you can check out all the features on today's 2018 Ford Expedition by stopping by Glenn Ford.

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